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Becky Sharp is a Swedish rock/pop band formed summer 2003. Over the past years we've been recording several demos and done live gigs all over Sweden. To people who've been to our shows we've become known as a band with a great live act.

We're currently releasing our second album entitled "Hard Times For Lovers".
It features 10 brand new songs we've written since we recorded "Mr. Sharp EP"

Download our new album "Hard Times For Lovers" here!

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2010 08 31

Live DVD!!!

Yes! Here it is, the live DVD from our last gig att Kajrocken this year.
Follow this link to download.
For samples check out our youtube-page.

01 - I Erase You
02 - Bus 201
03 - The Girl
04 - I Want It All (nothing more)
05 - Reasonably Young
06 - Dancin' With The Devil (feat. Matte Hellcore)
07 - Insects
08 - Becky Sharp


2010 05 18


Becky Sharp have decided to take a break for the foreseeable future.
This is due to the band members feeling that they can't put their whole hearts into the band at the moment and we don't want to do something halfhearted.

We might do a last gig before we take the break (depending on decisions not controlled by us).

As for what the future holds we do not promise anything. Time will tell…

Thank you all for your support thru out the 7 years we've been around!!!

(The first album is on Spotify now and it might turn up for free download somewhere else as well. We'll let you know.)

2009 12 24

Merry Christmas!!!

Starting today go to this page to download our new album "Hard Times For Lovers". It's all FREE so spread the word to everyone!

The same page will be updated each day untill all songs are released!

2009 12 19

Here it is!
An mp3 with samples of all the new songs from the upcomming album.
Click here to listen!

2009 12 14

Thanks everyone who supported us yesterday and as we announced on stage here is some news on the upcoming Becky Sharp album.

Starting on December 24th we will be releasing 1 song each day (with the exception on 24/12 and 31/12 when we will release 2 songs), so on new years eve you'll have all tracks from the new Becky Sharp album.
You will be able to download the album from this page aswell as listen to it on myspace. Once all tracks are released there will also be complete packages with both 320kbps MP3's and lossless FLAC's available.

The tracklisting will be as followed:

1. Reasonably Young
2. Showcase #22
3. Celebration
4. A night at the disco
5. Sing it like you mean it
6. The girl
7. A caged bird doesn't sing
8. Dancin' with the devil (feat. Hellcore)
9. Thoughts of the night
10. Demons bride

And also remember that this is FREE!!!
So this will be our little Christmas present from us to all of you out there!

2009 12 05

Upcoming gig at Inferno in Katrineholm added to the giglist.
Also the mixing of the new album continious going forward as planed.
Jocke is doing a great job and we're all looking forward to present it to you as soon as possible!

2009 08 02

Sadly the gig this Saturday at Port 26 has ben cancled.
If you want to follow updates from the studio go to this facebook page.
Feel free to join the group aswell.

2009 07 21

Some new dates here!

We are also giving away something!!!
Here are the recordings from our session at Sveriges Radio P4. We did this back in 2006 and the tracks included are:

1: Becky Sharp
2: The Perfumed Garden
3: Beyond Believing
4: On The News

For the FLAC-version click here.
For the MP3-version click here.


BTW. Next week we hit the studio to record what's going to be our 2:nd album.

2009 04 17

The upcomming gig in Örebro has been rescheduled to the day after.
Check out that and some other dates here.

2009 03 20

Here are some new gigs.
Check them out here.

2008 12 29

Some new gigs are available here.
More to follow.

2008 12 06

We've just found out that due to heavy spamming reasent orders from our "Cut And Coloured" site has not reached us. If you have placed an order and have not yet recived any confirmation, please reorder. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

2008 12 05

Welcome to the new website of the fabulous Becky Sharp. As can see there are lots of new stuff to check out... so do it! And tell us what you think in our new glorious guestbook.

2008 12 04
Our new album "Cut And Coloured" is now available in these stores:

BOKIA - Katrineholm
Gamla Palladium - Katrineholm
Vaxkupan - Norrköping
Skivlagret - Linköping
Banana Moon - Örebro

2008 11 10
Everyone in Sweden is now able to buy "Cut And Coloured" here.
It is also available from the following stores:
Skivlagret (Linköping)
Banana Moon (Örebro)

As more stores will be available we will make a separate page for this list.

2008 10 02

Another new gig is available here.
It's all acoustic!.

2008 09 10

A new gig is available here.
It's our first in Linköping.