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No upcoming gigs.


Date City Place/Event Other Info Media
2010-08-14 Katrineholm Kajrocken Gig starts at 23:30
2009-12-13 Katrineholm Inferno With My Last Veracity  
2009-08-01 Katrineholm Secret Private Party  
2009-08-05 Katrineholm Sensusrocken Stadsparken 21:10  
2009-08-08 Katrineholm Port 26 CANCLED  
2009-08-22 Katrineholm Secret Private Party  
2009-07-06 Katrineholm Liv i Parken    
2009-06-13 Katrineholm Port 26 Studenten!  
2009-05-23 Katrineholm Unrootables With Anyone For Tennis  
2009-04-25 Örebro Kulturhuset A-salen  
2009-04-01 Katrineholm Port 26 (Starkight)    
2009-03-27 Linköping Lorient With Oblivion  
2009-01-24 Katrineholm Gamla Palladium With Anyone For Tennis, Oblivion and more.  
2009-01-09 Örebro Cafe Deed With Anyone For Tennis. All acoustic.  
2008-11-27 Linköping Skylten Other acts T.B.A. Photos
2008-11-08 Katrineholm Release Party! Invited guests only.
2008-10-25 Linköping HG's (Ryds Herrgård) With Oblivion
2008-10-24 Katrineholm Gamla Palladium Acoustic Gig!  
2008-08-22 Nyköping Typ En Festival With Kristian Anttila and more.
2008-08-02 Katrineholm Kajrocken With Ninnuam and more.
2008-07-18 Katrineholm Stadsparken With "Anyone for Tennis".
2008-07-07 Katrineholm Stadsparken Liv i Parken
2008-02-29 Katrineholm Gamla Palladium Other acts T.B.A.
2007-10-27 Katrineholm Safiren Klubb Rockster Photos
2007-05-12 Katrineholm Starlight RESCHEDULED
2006-12-16 Katrineholm Gamla Palladium With "Taiga", "Preasous" and more!
2006-11-24 Katrineholm Gamla Palladium Acoustic Gig!!!
2006-11-11 Katrineholm Barbros Private Birthday Party!
2006-11-11 Katrineholm Tallås Aulan Free gig!
2006-10-14 Katrineholm Nyhemsskolans Matsal With "The Cockpits"
2006-09-09 Katrineholm Gamla Palladium Photos
2006-09-09 Katrineholm Kulturnatta RESCHEDULED
2006-07-28 Katrineholm Stadsparken Free gig!!! Starts 20:00!!! Photos
2006-07-25 Nyköping Lotsen
2006-04-07 Nyköping Slakthuset
2006-03-25 Katrineholm *Secret* Private Party
2006-02-03 Norrköping Fest-I-Valen More Info Here
2005-10-21 Örebro Folkets hus
2005-08-19 Katrineholm Djulö/Kulturtåget Tickets Here
2005-08-10 Örebro Frizon Tickets Here Video
2005-07-02 Örebro Folkets hus
2005-06-22 Katrineholm Stadsparken 20:00 Supported by "The Probes"
2005-03-26 Katrineholm Birthday Party Private Party
2005-02-25 Katrineholm Inferno With Jaqueline and more Poster
2004-12-17 Eskilstuna Balsta Christmas Gig
2004-10-23 Vingåker Fritidsgården
2004-09-04 Salo (Finland) T.B.A. CANCELED
2004-08-06 Katrineholm Stadsparken K-holm Cup Poster
2004-08-04 Katrineholm Inferno Kajrocken (20:35) Poster
2004-06-26 Björkvik Magasinet Private Party
2004-06-06 Katrineholm Stadsparken Supporting "Nina & Kim" Poster
2004-05-22 Eskilstuna Balsta Musikslott visit for more info
2004-05-15 Valla Birthday Party Private Party
2004-05-15 Katrineholm Inferno CANCELED Poster
2004-03-13 Orrekläpp Railhouse Private Party
2004-02-20 Nyköping Slakthuset With Golden Dawn
2004-01-16 Katrineholm Barbros With Mad Dog And The Glory & Edwins
2003-12-06 Katrineholm Inferno With Paistry